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5 Tips for Productivity at Work or Business

It can be hard to improve your productivity, and these easy tips can help make you more productive without losing your mind.

Have you felt that you couldn't accomplish everything on your list? It can be hard to improve your productivity. And your To-Do List becomes longer as the day progresses without checking off more items. Managing your day feels like an arduous task, and even harder to know where to start.

A few small changes can make a difference. Here are some tips that can help you become more productive and spend fewer hours at the office to accomplish more.

Set Goals- Set 3 to 4 small, reachable goals to better measure thru the day. Write them the night before. Allow flexibility in your day for extra work or last-minute changes.

Remove Distractions- Prepare your workplace, and declutter your office and desk. In the morning, ensure you have water and healthy snacks—schedule breaks and lunchtime to cater to your physical needs. Turn off desktop and phone notifications to have a distraction-free work time.

“Turn off all notifications on your phone, except the most important ones. And check your social media only once or twice a day, not every minute. If you can do this, then perhaps there is a possibility, that society will not completely lose its sanity and health after all.”
-Abhijit Naskar

Manage your energy- As Schwartz and McCarty (2007) said, time is a finite resource; however, energy can be expanded and regularly renewed by establishing specific rituals to recharge regardless of the circumstance you face.

Apply rituals such as regular breaks grounded in the "Ultradian rhythm" explained by Schwartz and McCarty (2007) 90- to 120-minute cycles during which our bodies slowly move from a high-energy state to a recovery period. Some signals that your body will manifest as needing a recovery period are relentless hunger and difficulty concentrating. Having control of your emotions and a heightened awareness of how your body cycle and feelings change throughout your workday ensures a proactive effort towards renewing your energy by cultivating positive emotions and allowing breaks to diffuse negative emotions and decrease productivity.

Take advantage of technology- While technology can be overwhelming, the correct type of technology can positively impact your productivity.

The use of technology includes, but is not limited to, automation tools, calendar apps, group chats, and remote technology capabilities. In the same way, technology has allowed family and friends to connect seamlessly, regardless of distance. Technology has permitted collaboration and networking seamlessly and instantaneously despite the space, time, and worldwide pandemic. The array of apps, software, and devices are endless. In the beginning, it will take some investigation and time to examine all the options, but it is time well invested once you have a seamless sales and work life-cycle that allows you to dedicate time to things that matter the most.

Also, know when you can delegate responsibilities or hire help. Some examples of hiring help include a virtual assistant (VA) that can manage your customer service calls, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

Cultivate self-discipline- Become more decisive on your intentions by not allowing your concentration to linger in activities that don't align with your goals. Some behaviors that can negatively impact productivity are impulses, temptation, and lack of willpower to see through the hard times. Social media has fed into comparing your efforts and results to the competition or your peers. You will have to acknowledge your weakness and shortcoming and own up to them to counteract them with positive action and focus on pushing through your comfort zone.

Know your capabilities, flaws, and strengths and prepare a plan to serve yourself better, ensuring a productive day without sacrificing your well-being.


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