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Uniquely Powerful Media works with a passion for creating human connections thru creative branding and marketing design.


By working closely with our clients to ensure meaningful collaboration and care in graphic design, websites, and marketing plans. Using creativity to share your unique story to connect, empower, and grow.

Our Process

Work Desk


This discovery call is the first step: getting to know each other, understanding each other goals and expectations, and ensuring we’re a good fit. 

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Transforming plans into reality.  Conducting research and audit to understand the market, competition, and current standing to create a strategy and creative direction to communicate your brand effectively.



During the design process, the design and strategy are combined by utilizing many tools to develop concepts unique to your brand that resonates with your audience’s goals.

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Deliverable of the designs and feedback. Depending on the package, I will confirm the number of refinements included. This stage ensures that we are on the same page throughout & the final design is the most suitable.



The design is delivered, websites are plugged into domains, and social media platforms are scheduled and monitored. Feel confident in the results with *weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reports to fine-tune the marketing efforts. 

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