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21 Days Positive Challenge

I wanted to share the 21 days Positive Challenge. This challenge has helped me in changing habits and build myself to become the best version I can be. It has made an incredible impact on my life and allowed me to control my thoughts and be more grateful for all that I have and the experiences I have encountered. Enjoy and send me your thoughts and experience.

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Day 1 - Make a list of 20 things that add value to your life. Tape it somewhere you'll see it a lot as a reminder to do those more.

Day 2 - Meditate and Journal for a Total of 15 min Before you get on your phone in the morning.

My Gift: Empathy

Day 3 - Treat yo' Self. Something small that you've wanted. Some time alone. Whatever it means for you to spend some time on self-care today.

My Self-Care Practice: Epsom Salt Bath with Lavender fragrance and my own Spotify playlist.

Here is my Self-love Playlist (Ages +18)

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7frUUyaGDIySTbulGYuDG7?si=hjj7MCUWQN23SNV6STP5VQ

Day 4 - Five Compliments Throughout the day, give 5 heartfelt compliments to strangers and friends.

My compliment to you: I'm so grateful for your generous heart and contagious energy.

Day 5 - Share a book you really liked or learned a lot from.

Recommended Book: Veronika Decide Morir by Paulo Coelho


Day 6 - Do something good for the community.

Give to others. Give time, support, non-perishables, used clothing; the options are endless.

Day 7 - Share a song that makes you feel happy & confident hat makes you feel happy & confident.

My Happy song is: Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

My Confident song is: Alive by Sia

Day 8 - Turn on your music and dance for songs 2 straight. Bonus Points for looking super weird.

I dance to J'Balvin or Beyonce


Day 9 - Watch the Sunset.

The Golden Hour, or as photographers know the "Magic Hour," is the hour before the sunsets. The sky is a beautiful shade of yellow and orange. The light is right or near perfect for photography and to enjoy by yourself or someone special.

Day 10 - Write your Manifesto, a statement about what kind of person you strive to be.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill

Day 11 - Share something your grateful for. Be as specific as possible.