Branding & Graphic Design

Branding is an essential part of making a real connection and building trust with your consumers and your community. Branding and Content provide a way to distinguish yourself from the competition and clarify to the customer what you offer and what makes you a more suitable choice. 
Did you know? Among startups, personal brands, and small businesses, there is an assumption that branding is exclusively for more prominent companies or large corporations. As a result, the company's voice gets lost in the torrent of data, content, and information on the internet, social media, and advertisements. 

Develop your brand's identity to include a logo, color palette, business cards, and other collateral to convey your brand and message with clean design, strong imagery, and inspiring content. 
Package includes:
- Strategy Call
- Design's mood board with the visual identity
- Two (2) logos design and 1 Icon 
- Brand Colors
- Brand Typography 
- Two (2) Rounds of Refinement
- Branding Style 
- Access to original design formats.

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These projects are all generally custom quoted at project rates. Schedule a Discovery Call for a customized quote